The beating heart of Tawave

TAWAVE is the event organized by the surfHers Association, a group of women committed to the social promotion of innovation, new technologies and digitalization.

We intend to use digital information as a tool for change, in which the human being plays a pivotal role in an ongoing development project supported by technology.

Our ultimate goal is to empower people within and outside organizations.

We address people who share our desire to control the change that, like a wave, sweeps us away every day.

In particular, our Association promotes the disclosure of knowledge in the field of technology and the enhancement of the individual, in order to pursue a 'renaissance' of culture, relationships, and morality by recognizing the specificity of the human being and their capabilities, using digital technologies to enhance them and not to limit them.

Why the name surfHers?

surfHers is the name of our all-female Association.

As surfers, we ride the wave of change rather than being swept away by it. Indeed, we are ready to face any challenges, channeling our positive energy into activities that create synergy, awareness and inspiration.

The word 'surfers' is written with the letter H in capital letters, to focus on the pronoun 'HERS' within the word itself and to emphasize our all-female team.

That’s how 'surfHers' was born!

Meet The Team

Mariagrazia efato

Data Analyst and Controller at Sabanet

She is a young rising star in Management Control. Rational, curious, with a highly analytical and disciplined approach to work and life.

Her second passion after management control is CrossFit: don't ever piss her off… She can knock you out!

She is the iron fist of the team.


Digital Strategist, Consultant and Trainer

She manages digital projects and she is responsible for consulting and corporate and post-graduate training.

Intransigent at work, concrete, creative, always aims straight at the goal. Constantly full of ideas, she oscillates between a very high imagination and a ruthless practical sense, keeping the two in excellent balance.

She is the badass of the group, but she will always have candy in her pocket.

Stefania RESSA

Managing Director of Larry Agency, Communication and Marketing Agency

She specializes in Corporate Communication Strategies with a background as a journalist in Florence. Moreover, she is the brawn and the brain of the biggest wine and food event in Taranto. Words and wine are her 'mental' travelling companions, not to mention creativity, her faithful life partner. “Restless” is her middle name.

She is the ace that you would like to have up your sleeve.

Valeria MERLO

Software Production Manager at Sabanet

As Software engineer, she leads a team of 20 developers and carries out a research project on blockchain development at the University of Bari and is, at the same time, Greta and Giuseppe’s mother.

Impeccable, thoughtful, resolute, she is a concrete demonstration that blond hair and a sweet smile do not always mean superficiality and incompetence.

She is a member of the team that everyone would envy us.


Content Creator

She specializes in Marketing and Communication with an inborn passion for planning and organizing, she is always at the forefront when it comes to creative and innovative projects.

Precise, punctual, scrupulous, she is the classic person to whom you can assign the organization of an archive, an event, a wardrobe, with no doubt that no detail will be overlooked.

She has a methodical and meticulous personality with wild and unruly hair, she is the dose of enthusiasm that everyone needs.

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