Tawave 2024

For the fifth edition, TAWAVE becomes a two-day business retreat.


October 25 and 26, 2024

Mon Rêve Ecogreen Resort, Taranto - Italy

tAwAVE 2024

Tawave edizione 2024

For the fifth edition, TAWAVE becomes a two-day business retreat.


October 25 and 26, 2024

Mon Rêve Ecogreen Resort, Taranto - Italy

TAWAVE is the most eagerly awaited event of the year for entrepreneurs, freelancers, startuppers, and technology and innovation enthusiasts because it represents an opportunity to meet new people and exchange ideas and opinions.

Tawave 2024

“Employer Branding and Artificial Intelligence” are the themes of the fifth edition of the event.

In an increasingly complex world, businesses need guidelines and training to transform complexity into simple processes.

We want to read, govern change and be part of it.

If you are part of the group of visionary companies we target, invest in training your team and in experiential activities with some of the most influential figures in the digital sector.

Employer Branding

Artificial intelligence

Leadership and team management


Agile methodology

We deal with innovative ideas

We deal with
innovative ideas

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MonReve Resort


Much more than a training event.

TAWAVE 2024 is renewed and transformed into a two-day Business Retreat: it will be a full immersion in talk , workshops and team building moments with experts in the digital sector and new technologies.

We will dedicate ourselves to moments of relaxation, in front of the sea with a glass of Apulian wine in our hands. We will organize networking moments to make the experience unforgettable and one of a kind.

We want to leave our mark, what about you? For the first time, a Business Retreat in TARANTO, in our city.

It will be the perfect opportunity to take back your time and dedicate it to strengthening your skills.

Participate in the change. Ride the wave with us.

Our target audience

HR Manager, Project Manager and Communication Manager.

Participating in the TAWAVE Business Retreat means proactively joining a community of innovators, changemakers and thought leaders who are committed to building a more sustainable and digital future.

Build your team!

The organizers

Larry Agency is the Branding Agency that organizes the new edition of TAWAVE in collaboration with the SurfHers Association. Larry Agency, certified ISO 9001:2015 – IAF CODE SECTOR 35 37, will issue a certificate of participation in the initiative at the end of the Retreat.

what you need to know!

What is Tawave?

Find out how the most engaging and innovative digital event in Southern Italy came about!


About us

TAWAVE is the event organized by the surfHers Association, a group of women committed to the social promotion of innovation, new technologies and digitalization.

We intend to use digital information as a tool for change, in which the human being plays a pivotal role in an ongoing development project supported by technology.

Our ultimate goal is to empower people within and outside organizations.

What people say about Tawave

“This is an initiative that will lead to a series of further actions, bringing trust and responsibility on the territory.”
Lara D'Argento, ospite alla prima edizione del Tawave
lara d'argento

“The first event in Southern Italy entirely focused on the theme of innovation.”
Mattia Salerno, ospite alla seconda edizione del Tawave
“An event addressing important topics, offering plenty of opportunities for contacts and synergies.”
Cinzia Vittoria Cardone, ospite alla prima edizione del Tawave
cinzia vittoria cardone

“An event full of enthusiasm and participation.”
Andrea Romoli, ospite alla seconda edizione del Tawave

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